Essay about Organizational Behavior Emerging From Society

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Organizational Behavior Emerging used Positively in Society.
Positive Traits
The role of enduring, relatively stable, positive traits in enhancing human performance in the workplace has been traditionally studied in the field of organizational behavior. For example, there is substantial support for the significant contribution of general mental ability to human performance across various domains, including the workplace (e.g., J. E. Hunter & Hunter, 1984; Schmidt & Hunter, 2000; Schmidt, Hunter, & Pearlman, 1981). Intelligence is also positively related to leadership, al- though recent meta-analytic findings show that this relationship may be weaker than traditionally assumed (Judge, Colbert, & Ilies, 2004). In this section, we focus on three more recently emerging research streams of positive traits, namely the Big Five personality traits, core self-evaluations, and positive psychological traits.
The Big Five Personality Traits
The Big Five personality traits of conscientiousness, emotional stability, extroversion, agreeableness, and openness to experience have been shown to strongly relate to performance (Barrick & Mount, 1991). In addition, conscientiousness has been found to be the strongest and most generalizable predictor of these personality traits (Mount & Barrick, 1995). The Big Five traits have been found to be related to individual-level outcomes such as happiness, physical and psychological health, spirituality, and identity; interpersonal-level outcomes such…

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