Essay on Organizational Behavior : Dissimilarity

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The word diversity has been used to refer to so many types of differences or dissimilarities among people.
It can be any attribute that a person can use to detect individual differences. Categorization based on factors such as race or gender or based on proportions such as the size of the minority have been used to define the diversity in teams. But diversity or dissimilarity has a mixed effect. It can lead to greater creativity and quality of team performance or it can negatively impact the performance of the team as well.

Self-categorization, and social identity approaches tend to be a pessimistic view of diversity because similarity on attributes such as attitudes, value and beliefs facilitate interpersonal
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Bridging the differences between cultures and communities is the most important objective that marketing our magazines into African community is about in this section.

Selling to the world and including African society, can have in the struggle to eliminate prejudice and unite culturally diverse populations, or any sort of dissimilarity into stronger local communities and a stronger nations.

Mentoring and educating all communities through our magazine , we believe, will strengthen the moral and ethical instruction that members of the community normally learn at home, in school, and at their place of worship.
The challenge for African community is to bring the channel of education of the community into a change of perception regarding external means of education, by clearly communicating that the purpose of marketing our magazine to them is of the great price for the community, nations and the world, because it addresses many issues that are important to citizens, parents, and community leaders, and so, has the ability to give to any community a sense of achievement, direction, unity, and identity.

African do not live their parents’ home until later in age. They abide under the rules, advices and education of their parents, pastors, and school teachers more than anything when it comes to moral

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