Essay Organizational Behavior By Nancy Langton

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With all groups that exist there are certain problems that arise and need to be taken care of. One of the more prominent problems is the fact that some team members willingly take the initiative to complete their portion of the project, while other team members assume a more lackadaisical approach. This type of behavior can be referred to social loafing. However it is imperative to understand that there are internal and external factors as to why a particular group member may seem apathetic while working. This makes it crucial to hold all judgments regarding a so-called slacker until all the information is gathered and analyzed.

It is vital to have an understanding of the person who seems to be partaking in social loafing within a group, as there may be some unknown internal factors that are causing the misunderstanding. Referring to Organizational behavior by Nancy Langton, Things such as role conflict and role ambiguity can have effect on a group’s composure. “Role conflict can come about when a employee is put in a position where they have fulfill two separate demands that are contradictory making them hard to follow” (Langton, 2016). For example, “if a child falls ill should the parent go to work or stay at home and tend to the needs of the child” (Langton, 2016). This relates to groups because if a member has to face a dilemma such as the child being sick, it will negatively affect how they are perceived within a group. “Role ambiguity on the other hand,…

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