Organizational Behavior And Operations Management Essay

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For $30 each week, Lufa Farms provides the consumer with a subscription to fresh, local, organic produce, delivered to a convenient location of the consumer’s choosing. This Montreal-based start-up, founded by Mohamed Hage, is breaking down the wall which blocks the consumer from purchasing locally grown produce year-round. This company embodies each discipline within management. Not unlike other companies, Lufa Farms faced challenges in the implementation of all of these disciplines. On the contrary, Lufa Farms succeeds in many areas.

Organizational Behaviour Organizational behaviour is the study of the way people interact within groups, and is applied to create more efficient business organizations. At Lufa Farms, this is seen in hiring of students for labour, as they are able to work early hours. In addition, these students were more versatile, and often took the initiative on new projects (81).

Organizational Behaviour and Operations Management
Operations management is converting materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible to maximize the profit of an organization. This relates to organizational behaviour in the form of Lufa Farms’ hiring of students. These students are able to increase company efficiency since they are able to work early hours. This in turn maximizes profits, through decreased fixed costs, as recent graduates and college students are often willing to work for less pay.

Operations Management
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