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Summary of article:
The article gathers opinions from 15 different entrepreneurs about how to make startup employees happy and motivated. The article suggests 15 ways to do so: 1. Trust the ability of the employee and give them autonomy to complete the task 2. Ask “how are you?” to let employees feel and know they are being heard 3. Giving memorable experience is way better than giving money as an incentive. 4. Flexible working schedule 5. Provide employees with opportunity to learn in order to let them know we care about their long-term success. 6. Let employees to work as a business partner and define their own roles 7. Make them feel they are valuable and is part of the bigger
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What is your secret for keeping your startup employees happy and motivated workers? Name one thing that you do. Fifteen entrepreneurs weigh in.
Have a little faith in hires
“If you hired these people, you should trust them to do their job. Entrepreneurs like to keep everything close to their chest, but you can move quicker and more creatively if you give your employees the autonomy to complete their projects with direction, but without micro-managing. Don’t overestimate the cost of small failures.”

– Ryan Stephens, founder, Ryan Stephens Marketing
Ask how they are …and actually listen
“A simple ‘How are you?’ means so much. Employees will either smile and say, “fine,” or use the opportunity to express a concern. I’ve had jobs where my boss never asked that question, and I didn’t feel valued. Asking such a simple question is a free way to show your employees that they are being heard.”
– Nancy T. Nguyen, founder/Author, Sweet T
Concert tickets, anyone?
“As a bonus for one of our employees, I decided to pull some strings and get her tickets to a sold out concert here in town. I think that giving them memorable experiences far outweighs any monetary gift you can give them. When she heard she got the tickets, I had never seen her light up as much as she did and she’s kicked

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