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Analyzing the Formation of Habits Using Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches

The habit to be analyzed is cigarette smoking. Around the age of 13 is when I probably had my first cigarette. The habit developed from a learned behavior from the adults around me and peer pressure. I can remember many of the adult figures around me, more so the adult males, smoked cigarettes, and cigars. At the time when I was a girl there was not an age limit on buying cigarettes. My father, who ran his body and fender shop out the garage in the back yard would send me and my siblings to the corner drugstore to buy his KOOL cigarettes. The seventh grade is when the peer pressure began. I remember sneaking the KOOL
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As a person gets older the body does not allow one to continue the habits that started in their younger years without consequences. The effects of aging start taking over. Because of operant conditioning this habit had to be change. The effect of smoking in people with diabetes cause a high cardiovascular risk, Diabetic nephropathy which causes kidney disease, high blood pressure, and genetic predisposition. Every visit to the doctor reminded me of the consequences of smoking. Operant conditioning (sometimes referred to as instrumental conditioning) is a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through these rewards and punishments, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior (Kendra Cherry, 2013).
This conditioning caused me to quit this habit. First I had to make the conscience decision that this was going to be the end of smoking. The plan was to quit smoking cold turkey; I did not want to substitute one drug to give up another. I no longer allowed myself to buy cigarettes. If I had the urge to smoke a cigarette, I would get one from someone else, preferably non-menthol or not my brand so it would not be satisfying. All money that was to be spent on cigarettes went into a savings account. After six months I had a savings of $360.00. This is where the operant conditions plays a part, that was a great reward. This was a hard

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