Organization Of All Sizes Deal With Retention And Turnover Essay

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Organizations of all sizes deal with retention and turnover. Data suggest that turnover leads to detrimental impacts to the functionality, profitability, and overall culture of an establishment. Smith (2015) noted that 21% of employees would change their job in a year’s time. 18 % of employees expressed they were unhappy with their present place of employment. 62% of employees have no intention of finishing out the year of their current job. In the last decade turnover has caused organizations and businesses to reorganize and strategically plan to alleviate the harmful causes of turnover. Fibuch and Ahmed (2015) noted that replacing an employee could cost as much as the departing employees salary, which threatened the budget of the company. Additionally, the other indirect cost and monetary losses that organizations deal with can actually lead to enormous losses. Furthermore, Levy, Joy, Ellis, & Karelitz (2012) noted that turnover is more costly to organizations than people tend to believe or even know. The cost of turnover is a greater threat to organizations public or private. High turnover causes large portions of the budget that has to be allocated to recruit; hire, and train newly hired staff. Bliss (2004) found that organizations spend up to 5,000 dollars to advertise in the newspaper and on the Internet. Additionally, there are several hours and additional cost associated with advertising. Human resources and office staff usually…

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