Organisational Effectiveness Through Employee Motivation Essay

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Effectiveness through Employee Motivation

R. Flora Sahayamary Research Scholar
Dr. R Mathivanan – Principal, Bharathiar University Arts &Science college, Valparai

The focus of this study is to enlighten that how an organization through its employees can achieve success and effectiveness. The purpose of the study is to analyze the impact of employees’ motivation on organizational effectiveness. The study has two sub-objectives: * the factors that increase motivation of employees are to be determined * the relationship of employee motivation and organizational effectiveness is to be examined.

Main Objective
The main objective of this paper is to analyze the impact of employees’ motivation
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Many people will do for recognition what they will not do for money. And, this is the manager's secret weapon for employee motivation. Some people are motivated by the opportunity to get their name on the wall, receive a trophy at an annual banquet, or see their name in the company newsletter. It gives them an "emotional payoff" for their actions

That is why a study says that deficiency of appropriate recognition and rewarding reduces employees work motivation and job satisfaction. Hence, administration of organizations and institutions should build up the arrangement for giving that rewards and recognition to enhance employee job satisfaction and motivational level (Reena et al, 2009).

Empowering makes employees feel that they are appreciated and for making it possible continuous and positive feedback on their performance is essential (Smith, B, 1997). According to Pastor (1996), for victorious appliance of empowerment it is essential for an individual to do efforts and take actions in an environment where they are responsible for what they are doing (Amin et al, 2010). Employee contribution and their energetic participation in configuring up the organization are tremendously essential to the hale and hearty place of work (Matthew.J, 2009).

Empowerment and Employee Motivation
John Baldoni in his book ‘Great motivation Secrets of Great Leaders’, has discussed that empowerment and recognition encourages and

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