Essay on Organisational Behaviour

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This report was done on Le Champ (SEA) Pte. Ltd., an electronics components distribution company. It is to analyse and identify the problems involving job satisfaction, attitudes, personalities and values in the company.

During the global economic crisis, the top management of the company implemented some measures to counter the crisis. The finance manager was monitoring company’s expenditures very tightly, freezing all overseas business travels and stopping all product trainings. The managing director applied huge pressures to the entire sales & marketing team hoping to cut cost and generate more sales revenues, these including pays cut and setting unrealistic sales target. At the same interval, the Indonesia’s
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Attitude has three types of elements and they are affective, behaviour and cognition. Generally, it is quite impossible to change one’s attitude, especially those that are formed through previous experience. Attitude is the mental state of readiness, learned and structured via experiences, deploying a fixed amount of impact on person’s reaction towards people, object and condition of which they are associated (Aswathappa, K., 2010). Attitude can be in the form of positive attitude or negative attitude.

When the managing director implemented salary pay cut during the beginning of the economy crisis, he believed that the implementation would act as a wakeup call to all the employees that economies are getting bad and everybody should backups and contribute in their respective areas. But it triggered the employees to lose faith in the company and some employees have decided to file a complaint to the local authority such as the Labour Department. The case was brought to the court and the managing director

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