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One set of authors state that “An organisation’s ability to manage change will have a significant effect on its performance and prosperity” (Graetz. F., et al, 2006, p2 in Grates F. et al, 2006, Managing Organisational Change, John Wiley & Sons, Australia), whereas another author claims that few corporate change efforts have ever been successful (Kotter, J.P., 2005, ‘Why Transformational Change Efforts Fail’, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1995, pp 59-67). Discuss these two statements and build an argument that explains this apparent contradiction with regard to relevant organizational behavioural theory.

In my opinion, the statements presented above do not contradict one
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Different types of change can affect the focus for change efforts, the sequence of steps in the change process and the locus for change. Managing and changing organizations appears to be getting more rather than less difficult, and more rather than less important. Given the rapidly changing environment in which organizations operate, there is little doubt that the ability to manage change successfully needs to be a core competence for organizations.

Kotter (1995) suggests eight steps to transforming your organization and details are:
1) Establishing a Sense of Urgency - Examining market and competitive realities and identifying and discussing crises, potential crises, or major opportunities.

2) Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition - Assembling a group with enough power to lead the change effort and encouraging the group to work together as a team.

3) Creating a Vision - Creating a vision to help direct the change effort and developing strategies for achieving that vision.

4) Communicating the Vision - Using every vehicle possible to communicate the new vision and strategies and teaching new behaviours by the example of the guiding coalition.

5) Empowering Others to Act on the Vision -Getting rid of obstacles to change, changing systems or structures that seriously undermine the vision and encouraging risk taking and nontraditional ideas, activities,

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