Organisation Behaviour Essay

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1.1 Comparison of the Organisational Structure and Culture
Syngenta is a highly innovative diversified company in a very competitive market whose organisational structure the matrix, has been adopted to fit snugly with the goals and objectives of the company (The Times 100, 2000). In an effort to remain competitive the complexity of the matrix structure which combines more than one organisational structure allows the company to fully utilize the expertise of its human resource through the formation of teams for maximum effectiveness through creative development (, 2012) and this is done through the Directors priority to continually implement and improve the company’s “Corporate Governance” (Syngenta’s Annual Report, 2010).

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(, 2012).

The leadership style at the GIDC is autocratic and is utilized in the day to day operations, development and directing of the corporate strategy. This type of leadership breeds a culture of power and role where decisions are centered on the head and procedures are systematic and does not encourage teamwork, creativity or promotes staff motivation which makes the adoption the matrix structure a difficult task to implement (, 2012).

Although both Syngenta and the GIDC use the matrix structure, Syngenta demonstrates the level of thought and dedication put into the adoption of the structure and development of its culture, to ensure that the company remains competitive in the world’s market (The Times 100, 2000). Syngenta demonstrates the effectiveness of the matrix structure through efficient information exchange, increased motivation and a dynamic level of expertise. GIDC on the other hand being a knowledge based institution should have done more research on the type of structure it wanted to adopted therefore the alignment of the proper culture would have been developed to compliment the structure, the leadership style of the company should be democratic and the development of a culture that aligns itself to the development of teams, sharing of information, personal development and creativity will be more effective and lead to greater success and achievements (

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