Essay about Organic Pet Food Marketing Plan

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Organic Pet Food Marketing Plan

September 14, 2007

NAICS Industry Code: Dog and Cat Manufacturing 311111


This marketing plan provides a plan for entering the organic pet food product as an existing producer of non-organic pet foods based current market conditions and trends following several high profile food safety recalls and alerts, particularly the Melamine-related deaths from pet food imported from China. The pet food industry has experienced enormous growth as part of the overall $41 billion annual pet products and services industry, and promises to move in the directions of increased natural, organic, and health oriented products as consumers increase organic consumption and become
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Establish market position in as Premier Brand in Q4 of 2008. 2. Increase organic pet food market share by at least 20% in 2008.

2.2 Market Conditions

1. Customer Demands/Needs After extensive research and market evaluation examined in our industry analysis we have obtained the information necessary to analyze the market for organic pet food. We will use this information outlined in the following pages to leverage product positioning and market segmentation strategies in order to create an effective plan that will reach the desired markets and produce our intended business objectives. By far, the most significant trend is related to the recalls of products produced using substandard materials resulting in substantial recalls and health related incidents. Specifically, the presence of melamine in Menu Foods products that resulted in the renal failure and death of many consumers pets.

Pets are increasingly becoming more like to children to many consumers. As such, consumers prefer to provide the best products for their pets as they would for a human child. With the recent pet food recall consumers are leery of products that contain by-products, chemicals, and other manmade substances and are part of a growing segment that prefer to purchase only those items with ingredients indicated and certified on the package. The trend in organic food product growth has extended beyond

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