Organic Foods: Effects And Effects Of Organic Food

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Effect of organic foods
There are a variety of benefits provided by organic foods. Health risks to farm workers, their families, and consumers are lowered as the exposure to toxic chemicals in food and on the farm are reduced. Often people have an allergy to a certain food, chemical or preservative and find that after eating strictly organic foods the symptoms are reduced or disappear. For reasons such as these they are worth spending extra money on. Genetically modified foods, as a result of conventional farming, are linked to increasing food allergies. Certain studies also show that changing DNA of a plant or animal can increase the chances of developing certain cancers. Organic crops contain far fewer pesticide residues than conventional
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Natural fertilizers, such as manure and compost are used. Weeds and insects are controlled through natural methods. Organic farming methods encourage the conservation of soil and water and reduce pollution. Organic farming aims to increase sustainability and biodiversity. This is achieved by natural growing practices, chemical avoidance, continuous crop rotation and other natural farming methods. The seeds used must have been grown organically.
Meat and dairy that are organically produced contain no anti-biotics, hormones, GMO’s or pesticides. They are fed with organic food, grass or hay. This makes the cattle healthier as it is what they naturally consume. It has been shown that cattle fed by grass tend to have more of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Disease is prevented through natural practices such as clean living areas, rotating the grazing and having a healthy diet. These animals must graze outdoors in a pasture for at least four months a year. Chickens must be able to move freely, have access to fresh air, direct sunlight and the
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Organic farming may seem like more effort and harder to do, but the benefits of this far outweigh the effort of it. Organic farming has positive effects on our health, the economy and the environment. Although organic products are more expensive, they are definitely worth the extra money. Buying organic food is better for your health and some studies even state how eating organic foods are like getting extra servings worth of antioxidants and worth the extra money spent as you are now getting more value from these products. Environmental benefits are also huge when it comes to organic farming and they also link to health benefits as the release of no pesticides and harmful chemicals into the environment benefits the environment and also the health of those living nearby. Organic farming helps preserve the environment and its natural resources. Organic food strengthens the economy and keeps money in the local community therefore strengthening the local

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