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Good afternoon everybody. We are really happy to be here today. We are students of the Faculty of the Economics and Management. I know you are busy with exams, assignments, portfolios,.. So I would like to thank you all for coming here today.
The presentation will not last long. I ask you to stay focused 20 minutes more or less. Oh, and before I forget. Please keep your questions for the end of the presentation so that later we can kick off a discussion all together.
So…let’s start. The topic of our presentation is organic food. I suppose that all of you already know what organic foods are. What we would like to show you today is why organic is becoming a trend. I mean... we are not firms trying to sell you products; we are neither
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Let me now go through a few historical facts. I hope you won’t get bored☺
It was in the early years of the previous century when some writers in the US and England published influential works introducing the basic idea of organic. I want you now to see this picture. This is not strictly related with organic but it gives you an idea that even at that time there was an increasing interest for gardening fresh products. By the way the poster was published in 1917 when the US entered the first world war. Everybody knows Uncle Tom right?? He is encouraging poor people and rich people to cultivate the so-called Victory garden to reduce costs.
A few decades later the Organic Movement was born. Its vision is the worldwide adoption of systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture. Here it is one of the first advertising campaigns. It’s funny. Isn’t it?
However we must wait till the beginning of this century so that organic agriculture obtain a legal authentication. As you probably know organic products must meet strict requirements in order to be certified. Here are presented some labels. Maybe you know them. The first in used in the US. Second for the EU including Italy and guess what, Sudtirol has its own bio brand as well.
I mean it’s is taking over the world! Recently, in 2009 if I’m not wrong, First Lady Michelle Obama started a new campaign: she invited a class of students at the

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