Essay on Organic Farming Needs Support And Protection

1186 Words Oct 26th, 2014 null Page
When an item says “organic” compared to “conventional,” thoughts of old-fashioned farming practices come to mind. In certain aspects that is what organic farming is. The labeling, pesticide use, fertilizer use, and certifications are different between the two farming industries. Because of this, organic and conventional farming are very different industries, and when it comes to feeding an overpopulated planet, conventional farming appears to be the only choice. However, modern day farming practices cannot be allowed to completely replace organic farming because it would be irresponsible to future generations.
Before a person can decide why organic farming needs support and protection, there needs to be an understanding about organic farming methods. Organic certification takes time to achieve when transitioning from a conventional farming method. This transition takes approximately three years to reach compliance (Riddle). Conventional farming does not need the array of special certifications as those of organic farmers in order to operate, due to guidelines that farmers must meet. The array of certification entails: there has not been any synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers applied, there must not be any GMO crops planted, and no antibiotics used with livestock (Riddle). To be able to label a product one hundred percent organic, the producer has to be certified. The one hundred percent organic label also means the product or ingredients that make up the product…

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