Essay on Organ Transplants Have Saved Many Lives

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Organ transplants have saved many lives and people who had organ issues. An organ transplant is when one alive or deceased patient allows doctors to remove an organ or tissue from their body and reconnect it into someone else’s body who needs it to survive. People need organs for a variety of reasons including illness and injury (MedlinePlus). Organ transplants have emerged and have become much more popular in the last 30 years. In 2009, 28,465 people received an organ from a kidney to a new set of feet or hands (What You Need to Know). Organs have become much more available in recent years because living patients have signed papers allowing doctors to remove their organs or any desired body part from their body and implant it in someone else’s. Although more people have “warmed up” to the idea, doctors have nowhere close to enough organs to transplant to patients who are in dire need. People die every single waiting for an organ to be donated to them. More than enough people die who could donate their organs to people in need but there is still a shortage of organs available. This shortage exists for many reasons. Families of the deceased have a connection to that person and sometimes do not want their body to be taken apart. This decision millions of families make, affect millions of other families and people who need an organ badly. People need transplants at all ages from children to senior citizens. Due to the shortage of organs available, doctors are faced with the…

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