Organ Transplants And Its Effects Essay examples

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Organ Transplants Doctors have been performing organ transplants since the year 1954. Organ transplantation is a very difficult task and requires a lot of training, skill, and patience.
The first recorded organ transplant was performed on December 23, 1954, it was performed on twin brothers, Ronald and Richard Herrick. The doctor that performed this surgery was Dr. Joseph Murray. He was the Nobel winner for performing the first ever kidney transplant, and he died at the age of 93. Since then education and technology has advanced and now organ transplants can be done more safely and efficiently.
Over the course of the last century, organ transplants has overcome many technical limitations to become what it is today. Jaboulay was the first to try this in 1906, he tried to treat two patients that had developed renal failure he transplanted a goat kidney into one and a pig kidney into the other. Both patients died. One of the limitations then, opposed to now was the lack of suitable organ donors. They were limited to using animal organs or organs from long deceased humans. The pioneer of cardiac/heart transplantation was an American surgeon named Norman Shumway. The modern immunosuppressive era came from the discovery of the immunosuppressant effects of cyclosporine in the mid-1700s. Cyclosporine is a drug with immunosuppressive properties used to prevent the rejection of grafts and transplants. A cyclic peptide, it is obtained from a fungus. Even though technology has…

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