Organ Theft Essay

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Register to read the introduction… In Egypt, three men supposedly went in for a job interview and oddly were subjected to medical examinations. The doctor “discovered” that they all were suffering from a kidney infection requiring emergency surgery. They later woke up in the hospital missing a kidney (Bassoul). These types of stories were believed to be urban legend until true accounts like this surfaced. I wish the stories were just urban legend. There are also stories that involve kidnapped children as well as adults. In Albania, doctors working for a terrorist group were taking organs from Serbs kidnapped in Kosovo and Metohija. The bodies were dumped in an abandoned mine shaft and in a swamp (“Illegal Organ”). Recently a woman in Nepal was burned to death for attempting to steal a child intended for the organ trade. A number of children have gone missing recently in this area and police believe it is the work of organized crime groups involved with the black market organ trade (“Woman Burnt”). Also, in the Philippines, the National Bureau of Investigation recently issued an alert warning to the rise of child abductions. The kidnappers take the children for the purpose of selling their organs to people from other countries (“Alert”). This is the worst act that I have read or heard about and it makes me sick. This alone should be enough to warrant more action and involvement to stop the trade of black market …show more content…
This has not stopped desperate patients seeking transplants to replace their failing organs with healthy ones from either willing donors or from forced donation. Many times that transplants are performed the patients don’t know where the organs come from or how the organs were acquired. I would have to imagine this “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy suits most recipients just fine.
The illicit underground organ transplant market brings up strong ethical and moral issues as well. There is no question that the world needs a larger supply of transplantable organs, but the way many of these organs are acquired and procured is sad and inhumane. Whether it is through the many scams out there, forced involuntary donation, or the murder of innocent poor people, organ acquisition without consent needs to be stopped. The sale of organs by the poor is thought by many to exploit the human body. Others say that it erodes the sense of community. I would have to

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