Organ Sales Will Save Lives Essay

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Organ Sales Will Save Lives
In the essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” by Joanna Mackay, kidney failure is the main topic. In the thesis Mackay says “Government should not ban the sale of the human organs, they should regulate it.” It is supported by the evidence it will save lives. 350,000 people in America struggle with this situation each year. She also states that more people will be willing to give up their kidneys if it were legal. There are other ways like dialysis, which is a temporary time period. Kidney transplant is the way to go. In the third world countries, people are willing to sell their kidneys because they need money. Joanna Mackay points out the black market for selling kidneys for $150,000 because it is illegal to sell organs in any countries. The broker takes advantage of the people who are uneducated and poor, who are desperate for money, only paying them around one thousand dollars per kidney. People around the worlds also donate kidneys for the good of their heart. These are people with very good moral reasoning’s. Mackay also talks about the pro and cons of the transplant and how everyone gains except the patience. The hospitals are paid to do the operation, the person that needed the kidney walks away with one, and the donor is left with nothing. The government could regulate the transaction to help donors receive money. This would mean kidneys up for grab. Death is a part of life. It is all expected to come to an end one day, but for some it…

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