Essay about Organ Sales, A Solution That Will Save Lives

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Organ Sales; A Solution That Will Save Lives Thousands of people have heard the shocking news that they need an organ transplant. It is not that they have to undergo surgery that shocks them, but the shocking statistics of the waiting period to get the organ they need. Many people die every day because of it, but only 1% of Americans are donors. There are thousands of people who have healthy organs and are willing to sell them for money that they could use to feed and house their children with. So, what is stopping them? Selling their organs would make them a criminal; organ sales are illegal in most of the world. What is the best way to resolve this crisis, and has any country succeeded by legalizing organ sales? Well, imagine the world where it was legal to sell your organs, how many lives it would save not only the organ receivers but the organ donors as well. There are two laws that are preventing compensation of organs. The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act passed in 1983, becoming the first law against receiving any compensation for an organ. This law originally only covered cadaver organs, later they revised it to prevent living organs as well. The second is the federal law; The National Organ Transplant Act, passed in 1984 banning anyone from receiving compensations for organs. Someone that is found guilty of this crime could be sentenced up to 5 years in prison. Both of these laws are over 30 years old, back then the wait list for organs was not an…

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