Organ sale legality Essay

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Legalizing the Sale of Human Organs
Every 10 minutes, another person is added to the waiting list for an organ transplant. That’s 144 people every day, 52,620 people every year. And every day, 18 people die because there aren’t enough organs to go around. That is 6,570 people dying every year because they have waited too long for an organ transplant [All About Donation]. There has to be some way to prevent these innocent people from dying, and there is a way. Pretend for a moment that you’re in a room full of very sick people who need to be treated with medicine. Unfortunately, the room that you’re in does not have enough medicine. What do you do? You get more medicine from somewhere else. So how do we save people who need an organ
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To deny people this right is to deny their freedom to do as they will with their body. It is taking away our freedom in general [Smith, 3].

If to not completely legalize the sale of organs, then there should be other opportunities to help those on the waiting list. One option involves prisoners on death row. There is two ways to approach this. One could be as simple as giving prisoners the option to donate their organs upon their death. The

Josi Ezinga 3 other is that“...condemned prisoners be offered the option of trading a kidney or their bone marrow in exchange for a commuted sentence of life in prison without parole.” Another option is paired organ donations, which is a liable option in New England. “‘Give your kidney to a stranger and move your loved one close to the head of the line of people waiting for a cadaver kidney’”. With this method two lives will be saved instead of one. All three of these options can help and should be developed. They aren’t as “gruesome” as the complete legalization of organ sales and can still support those who need organs [Smith, 2-3].

All though there are other ways to help those thousands of people on the waiting list, the ultimate solution is to allow people to sell their organs. It creates for a higher incentive and increases the number of organs readily available to those who need them. Freedom to do as you want with the body will be granted, but saving a life will be an

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