Essay about Organ Procurement And Human Rights

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Organ donations are very common all around the world. What many people do not think about is the fact that many people around the world die due to not receiving the organs they need to survive. Organ procurement is such a controversial topic because society either agrees that this is what is best for the country or they agree with human rights after death. Organ procurement is such an amazing idea that fight for saving lives, soul harvesting, and mutant diseases.
A study conducted at the University of Chicago by Alberto Abadie and Sebastien Gay, over organ transplantation systems, came to the conclusion that about eighteen people die a day due to the failure of receiving organs. That is eighteen lives that could be saved by healthy organs of a deceased person!
Farrell, Price, and Quigley have argued that the “number of heart-beating donors have reduced as a result of fewer young people dying of severe head injury or catastrophic events, such as road-traffic accidents” (4). With less heart-beating donations the organ shortage is actually becoming a problem now (Farrell, Price, and Quigley 4). Organ shortage is not only a problem in the UK, it is a problem for most countries with a “developed organ donation and transplantation systems” all over the world (Farrell, Price, and Quigley 4).
According to Glaser, “In countries with presumed consent laws, there is a higher procurement rate for organs than in countries without these laws” (21). Presumed consent helps match the…

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