Organ Of Organ And Tissue Transplant Essay

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By donating a person can save up to eight different lives with donating organs and even help the lives of hundreds others through tissue donation (Life center Northwest). There is millions of people around the world in need of organ or tissue donation. Dating back to the Middle Ages is a way to save lives and cure illnesses and injuries (History of Organ and Tissue Transplant). Since scientific knowledge was limited back then, modern transplantation was not successful until the 19th and 20th centuries. Transplantation of skin, bone, and corneas was successfully done as the first in this biomedical break through (History of Organ and Tissue Transplant). In the mid 1900’s, solid organ donation became possible, where a doctor named Joseph Murry was able to successfully do a kidney transplant. Now in the 21st century organ and tissue transplant has become more successful, in 2011 a double leg transplant was done in Spain. Organ and tissue transplant is a crucial topic, because like stated above by donating organs and tissue many lives can be changed or even saved. Organ and tissue transplants is something that everyone should know about and done because of its critical importance to saving and improving lives all around the world. Organ and tissue transplant occurs when a person who is pronounced brain dead by a physician is now deceased and talks to the family of the deceased telling the family about donating where after the family (next of kin) decides if the deceased will…

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