Organ Donations Essay

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Michael Aguila
Prof. Leblanc
21 October 2012

Organ Donation
Topic: Organ Donation
General Purpose: To educate the class on the importance of organ donations.
Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to not let their organs go to waste.
Thesis Statement: Donating your organs allows a life to be prolonged. It also allows scientific studies to prevent future occurrences or finding a cure for a disease.
Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivational Sequence
Visual Aids: Power-Point Presentation.

Introduction I. Attention-getter: (wow factor) The problem with organ donations is that you do not know how important it is until it happens to family, friends or yourself. The issue is it is not taken seriously, when all it
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2. Every state allows you to register to have your organs donated. Florida you can sign up via your DMV (online or in person) * << Transition Donating your organs can be done while you are living. >> * II. Main Point 2: Donating organs while you are alive. C. How can you donate organs while you are alive? 5. “Living organ donation has become a common source of organs for those in need of organ transplantation, usually a kidney, bone marrow, and sometimes the portion of a liver. Less common is donation of a portion of a lung or small intestine. There are thousands of living donations in the US and around the world every year.” (2012 International Association of Living Organ Donors, Inc). 6. “Donors are often a close relative but may also be individuals who are not related but have an established emotional relationship with the recipient such as a partner or close friend.” (N.A., 2012) 7. Part of a liver can be transplanted and it may also be possible to donate a segment of a lung and, in a very small number of cases, part of the small bowel.

D. What is the risk of donating organs while you are still

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