Organ Donations Don 't Always Go Right Person Essays

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Organ Donations Don’t Always Go To The Right Person Since the establishment of organ transplantation waitlists, transplant priorities have been based on location and severity. With the sizeable amount of research being conducted to make advances in transplantation, many are unaware how important this waiting list is—and how many people are on it. Many patients on waiting lists are in such desperate situations that they may turn to the black market to buy an organ and transplant. While medical advances are being made to create artificial organs, it is very expensive and still years away from becoming the norm. Because of these dynamics, priority should be dependent on many other factors, and not just location and severity. The organ transplant waitlist must be redesigned in order to be more efficient and ethical. As of now, priority is given to those who have been waiting on the list for the longest amount of time. Patients who wait longer are more likely to get an organ, but their health has greatly diminished. By the time a person is able to receive a new kidney, he or she will have been on dialysis for months—if not years—and his or her overall health would be very poor (President’s Council on Bioethics 33). With immense failing health, an organ transplant may no longer be a plausible solution. After being ill for a long period of time, other organs become affected and begin to decline. Once a person’s health declines severely, one new organ will not fix the entire…

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