Essay about Organ Donation For The United States

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Lack of Organ Donors in the United States
The need for organ donors is rapidly increasing and there are many ways to help others become aware of these issues, receive proper information on what an organ donor is, and how to become organ donors. Receiving quality information can help save multiple lives. Recognizing that having enough available organ donors for everyone is vital, people should be able to put themselves in the same position organ recipients are in and think that it could be them in the same situation, it can be assured that if one is in need of a donor they would like to be able to receive one. Organ donation is not only for the greater good of the recipient, but of the greater good of the society. The organ donation program is a program that everyone should participate in.
An organ or tissue donation is the process of surgically removing an organ and/or tissue from an organ donor; the organ donor can either be deceased or living, and the organ or tissue is then placed in the organ recipient. Organ and tissue transplantation is a difficult process; the body could reject the organ at any given time after the transplantation. Medical advances have helped make it possible for this procedure to be possible and easy (Cleveland Clinic, 2015, para. 1).
In the United States, there are more than 120,000 patients currently in need of an organ or tissue transplant. Every eleven minutes another name is added to the never-ending national waiting list. The lack of…

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