Organ Donations: The Gift Of Life

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The Gift of Life
Organ donations offer the gift of life, but there are challenges waiting for the organ, rejection of the organ, shortage of organs, and financial status can impact an individual’s position to receive an organ. There is two types of donors living and deceased. When deceased individuals can donate their whole body, even if individual’s endured health challenges such as; diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. However, donating organs or even donating an entire body can possibly promote the use of scientific research and studies to test for cures while saving lives. The advantages to organ donations is extend live that from a free from willing contributors giving back to granting a love ones last wishes another individual
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However, an individual may object and have a different view or perspective, possibly reflecting cause for one’s beliefs, concerns, and/or personal freedom of expression based on their own philosophies about the structure of organ donations. Unaware obstacles such as: limited minorities being education to donate, misconceptions and religious myths can factor to rejecting a recipient of the gift of life. Some health situations are more critical than others. Although, there’s nothing positive about individuals who cannot ensure quality of life due to various types of illness within the temple of their bodies. Health issues can play a major role in a person’s physical mobility, emotions, and life expectancy periods day to day. experience protracted pain in the upper back and legs subtle symptoms in the early stages, causing inability to excrete excess body fluids transiting from an unhealthy kidney to chronic kidney disease (10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease, 2016, p. 3) , may occur resulting in kidney failure. As the patient, family members what the failing organ rapidly decline hoping and praying to be optimist before it is too late. The expressed argument highlight not playing the act of God, but identifying the significance that all lives matter no matter what an individual is facing. There are …show more content…
Is it the organ waiting lists, the possibility of organ rejects, or insufficient quantity of donors? However, organ donations doesn’t discriminate, it offers the gift of life to another contribute for tests and experiments to find cures. Research has proven these ongoing challenges which seems to exist even in 2016 the complexity of timely organ donors, transplant issues and unutilized deceased bodies. The struggle isn’t just to plead for donors the challenge is the high percentage of deaths that could have assisted to prevent current death, and unforeseen obstacles by assisting as a donor to grant the extended longevity to one life. It’s encouraging when donating organs can be looked upon as a positive aspect for promoting longevity for lives in America, and when organ donation can be a healer for all ages, genders, and benefits people in all walks of life in need of an organ

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