Organ Donation : An Organ Donor Essay

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Do you want to give your life purpose? Registering as an organ donor is your answer. Many people, including myself, have been affected by organ donation. My grandfather’s heart stopped when he was 50 years old after suffering from a major heart attack; he was brought back to life moments later. Despite major changes in diet and exercise, he had two more heart attacks before his 55th birthday. His doctors found that the heart that he was born with was the size of a basketball. It was basically useless, and he was in dire need of a new one. After 99 days in the hospital he received a heart transplant. During those 99 days I was born. Due to a complete stranger registering as an organ donor, I got to spend seven years with my grandfather before he died in 2004. ABC News reports that over 100,000 people in the United States are on the transplant list, and 18 people die while waiting every day. These numbers would decrease significantly if more people would sign up to become organ donors (Lieberman). Everyone needs to support organ donation through volunteering, donating money, or actually registering as an organ donor. To start, it is important to debunk the myths regarding organ donation. Even after seeing what his father-in-law went through, my dad refuses to become an organ donor. Many people like my dad are worried that if they are injured in an accident, put on life support, and considered brain dead that the hospital will prematurely end their life and…

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