Essay on Organ Donation : A Part Of Every Gender And Age

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Every day, individuals are exposed to endless choices of who they want to be, where they want to live and who they choose to experience these life choices with. Is organ donation one of the choices on an individual’s mind? It is not until a tragic event occurs that the choices being made are forced to be addressed and the magnitude of the choices are realized (Scheve, 2008). Organ failure is not prejudice. Organ failure does not specifically happen to the young or just the old, nor does it favor men over women. The statistics show that organ failure is a part of every gender and age. There are numerous amounts of individuals that are currently waiting for organs and are in fear of losing the battle of survival. The only way to combat this issue is to become an Organ Donor (, 2015). The pledge of organ donation is a crucial obligation that leads to the furnishing of organs to the everyday number that grows in need of organ transplants, provides medical verification of where donations are originating from, and increases the lifespan and the quality of life of an organ recipient. When a closer look is taken, the numbers are staggering and the need is real. In 2014 alone, over 25,000 people were recipients of organ transplants. As of the latest tally, more than 120 million people chose to be organ donors and the demand still has not been met to meet the requests of those in need of organ transplants. In order to have a clear and concise picture and be able to…

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