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|Question 4 |
|A common refrain among executives is “People are our most important asset.” Relate this statement to any two of the four perspectives of organizational effectiveness |
|presented ion this chapter. Does this statement apply better to some perspectives than to others? Why or why not? |
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|Answer 4
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First, the strong effect of heredity suggests that applicant selection is an important way to improve job performance and employee well being (by ensuring their work matches their personality). Although we might try to change an employees style of behavior, their inherent style is strongly determined already. This is why many companies refer to “hire e for attitude, train for skill”
A second implication is that training for some types of behavior (fun oriented, detailed, talkative, etc.) might be less successful than employer assume. It would be better to transfer people into jobs that more closely match their personality.
[pic] [pic]Question 4
Suppose that you give all candidates applying for a management trainee position a personality test that measures the five dimensions in the five�factor model. Which personality traits would you consider to be the most important for this type of job? Explain your answer.
Answer 4 The textbook provides some information to help students answer this question. First, conscientiousness and emotional stability (low neuroticism) are important because they best predict individual performance in almost every job group. Both are motivational components of personality because they energize a willingness to fulfill work obligations within established rules (conscientiousness) and to allocate resources to accomplish those tasks (emotional stability). Various studies have reported that

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