Org 581 Essay

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ORG 581

Facilitating Change Paper Timothy Kirk ORG/581 William Gillis, PhD December 22, 2012

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Starbucks Facilitating Change to China

Starbucks current structure is categorized as a mechanistic organization, which is comprised of highly vertical and horizontal complexities, highly formalizations, highly centralizations, tapered lengths of control, and highly standardizations. The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Shultz, has worked to create a more efficient and streamlined structure where information can flow freely
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The site would allow team members to have 24 hour access to newsletters, memos, updates, and training documentation. The site would facilitate training in all aspect of Starbucks.
Recommended Changes regarding technology Strategies to China
As an example of the recommendations to the Starbucks strategies the program would highlight staff successes and highlights at locations providing both locally and internationally. In this recommendation a social media program would allow more cross training, updates on corrective actions to local issues with products, equipment issues, and selling techniques. Starbucks has a winning situation by expanding efforts to achieve company services in China to a global market by using their website as an anchor with Facebook to point back using these media products opportunities. While Starbucks is setting new standards for selling products and services, marketing to foreign countries, and development, there is always room for improvement. Every day as the Staff and Managers begin their day there is a sense of loyalty that permeates throughout the organization that is in the air. When customers enter into the stores there is a feeling of calm and peace. Customers are more willing to buy and linger in the store and browse. This opens of doors of opportunity if the staff is

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