Essay on Ordinary People By Conrad Jarrett

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The Jarrett family from the movie Ordinary People is one far from being normal or healthy. The Jarrett family consists of the mother, Beth, the father, Calvin, and the son, Conrad. Seemingly never not fighting on a day to day basis, the Jarretts are a family that could greatly improve by using conflict management strategies. Conrad, Beth, and Calvin all engage in acts of silence and violence, causing dysfunction to be a regular activity for the family and by using strategies such as creating safety, AMPP, mutual purpose, prime, STATE, and others, they could solve more of their problems and grow closer as a family. The first family member to be addressed is Conrad Jarrett. By looking at the surface of the story, Conrad seems to be the source of all of the emotional disparity occurring in the family. But by looking closer, it seems that his parents are a main cause of such sadness and confusion. Conrad is a teenager who had recently tried to commit suicide because of his older brother Buck’s death. After recovering and returning from the hospital, he is a cesspool of emotions who does not know what to do after leaving the hospital. One example of an act of silence or violence is when he generally silent about any of his emotions and feelings, even when he is with his psychiatrist. Conrad was avoiding talking about it, withdrawing if his feelings ever came up, and masking his true feelings. The type of issue can be solved if the people in his life either create emotional…

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