Ordinary People, An Academy Award Winning Film Essay

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In the movie Ordinary People, an Academy Award winning film, the focus is on the Jarrett family. The family is completely broken and they do not even realize it. There is a lot of avoidance when it comes to important topics that need to be discussed. The members of the Jarrett family always practice silence or even violence; practically subconsciously. Conflict management could have been used to establish a human connection and help each other heal. Conrad Jarrett always puts on an act to pretend like he is okay and feeling well, and even when he lashes out in violence, he lacks the expression of why he feels the way that he does. The main conflict management strategy that could have helped him is establishing mutual purpose. This holds to be especially true when he is talking to his mother, Beth Jarrett completely avoids any emotional topic and relentlessly chastises the people that she loves, making them feel as though they mean nothing to her. Creating emotional safety is something that is essential in her relationship with those that she loves. Calvin Jarrett, the least problematic of the Jarrett family, is usually good about communicating his feelings to his family and to others. His only issue would be trying to work on having real dialogue with those who are not as skilled at it, like his wife.
Masking is a prevalent form of silence within the dysfunctional Jarrett family, however Conrad uses it the most. He masks his true emotions to everyone, including his…

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