Essay about Ordering Etiquette On Fast Food Restaurants

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When we fail to comply with certain standards, which are put in place by society we are often shunned from those who choose to comply with these values. After observing different social settings as well as the expected behavior in those settings I choose to focus my attention on ordering etiquette in fast food restaurants. In each of the fast food restaurants I observed in both the Hub and along downtown East College Avenue I noticed three elements of expected behavior. The first was to place an order to your cashier in first person. The second, consumers were expected to pay for their purchases. The third involved the cashier giving the consumer a receipt. In some settings the cashier would call out your name and in other settings the cashier would yell your order number, leading to you receiving your food. Conversely, what happens when one of these expected behaviors in this setting is challenged? Thus I decided to order my food in third person. Once I violated this expected standard, I observed the behaviors of others, observed my internal thoughts on being associated with a deviant role and reflected on how this conduct shaped my understanding of social structure.

When approaching each cashier instead of using phrases like “I would like” or “Can I have” I would replace these phrases with “Bianca would like” or “Can Bianca have”. As I spoke in third person I begin to observe the actions from onlookers as well as the cashiers. Some cashiers where not surprised at my…

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