Orcas, Or Killer Whales Essay

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Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of the dolphins and one of the world 's most powerful predators. On February 20, 1991, Keltie Byrne, a 21-year-old marine biology student and competitive swimmer, slipped into the pool containing Tilikum, Haida II and Nootka IV while working as a part-time Sealand trainer. The three orcas submerged her, dragging her around the pool and preventing her from surfacing. At one point she reached the side and tried to climb out but, as terrified visitors watched from the sidelines, the orcas pulled her screaming back into the pool. Other trainers responded to her screams, throwing her a life-ring, but the orcas kept her away. She surfaced three times screaming before drowning, and it was several hours before her body could be recovered from the pool. Later witnesses claimed Tilikum was the one to drag Byrne into the tank. Sealand of the Pacific closed shortly after the incident in November 1992. All three of the whales were sold to SeaWorld in the United States. Documented in a film, Blackfish, shows why usually peaceful orcas should not be used for entertainment being that they turn hostile towards each other as well as towards trainers. In addition, to orcas psychological change this practice of using orcas or any animal for entertainment is unnecessary as well as harmful towards the animal.
Undoubtedly, mental change will occur in these wild animals that are being held captive in small spaces that are unlike their natural habitat as well…

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