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Like a lemon or a potato, an orange can produce electricity if a copper and zinc terminals are inserted in it. The copper terminal is positive whereas the zinc is negative.
The chemical reaction inside the potato causes the electrons to move from the zinc to the copper.
The experiment was demonstrated by Mustafa Daif and assited by Fatima Ali. Special thanks go to Christina Matouq. Veggie Power! Making Batteries from Fruits and Vegetables

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Did you know that you can get electricity out of a potato? In this project you will learn how do build a simple battery using a variety of different fruits and vegetables - REALLY! You'll be able to figure out things like:
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You'll learn more about this as you work on this project. Figure 2. Pictorial (top) and schematic (bottom) diagrams of batteries connected in parallel. Connecting battery cells in parallel increases the total current available. The total voltage available remains equal to the voltage of a single cell.
Probably one of the most interesting things about batteries is the way that different materials and the way in which they are used can affect the characteristics of the battery. This means they can affect the output voltage and the amount of current that the cell can deliver. They can also affect something called the "internal resistance" of the battery. A battery cell made with a potato might provide a different amount of current than a battery cell made with a lemon or an onion. Battery cells made with different electrode materials, like copper, nickel, or zinc might produce different voltages. Batteries with different electrode shapes or surface areas might have different internal resistances. You will learn that the way the battery cells are made and connected with each other will determine if you can generate enough voltage and current to run a portable radio, a digital clock, or whatever small electronic device you choose to try.
So, go to the grocery store, buy some fruits and vegetables and then have some fun!
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