Jewish Adherent Analysis

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Address how the sacred writings of the Torah are utilised by Jewish adherents

The Written and Oral Torah are very significant to the Jewish adherents as the Torah contains the teachings, covenants, the daily rituals, ceremonial practices and the history of Judaism, therefore, the sacred writings of the Torah are utilised daily in the Jewish life. Covenants are the cornerstone of Judaism and all the expressions of the covenant are found in the Torah through some historical stories found in Genesis and Exodus. The covenants are agreements established between God and people, and those agreements are to be fulfilled in order for the adherents to obtain a strong relationship with the creator. The torah is further utilised as it contains the 613
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The 613 mitzovs shape the adherents’ lives and guides them. Since fulfilling the covenant is one of the main missions every Jewish believer strives to achieve in order to maintain a strong relationship with God. Additionally, by fulfilling the commandments, an individual can experience God’s rewards and love for example the reward of many children (the Abrahamic covenant). The 613 mitzvots, both negative and positive assist the adherent in the process of making the right decisions to serve God and the community. The first 5 commandments are positive and they relate to serving God and loving him, whereas the other 5 commandments are negative and they relate to having a good relationship with others by the avoidance of committing any act that will harm other; “You shall not murder. Exodus 20:13”. The Talmud instructs adherents and helps them to further understand the mitzvots and how to practice them in their everyday life. The importance of the 10 commandments is the fact that they foundation for all the ethics in Judaism and that is supported in this passage extracted from Proverbs 7:2; “keep my commandments and live; keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;” Therefore, the 10 commandments are an important ethical teaching in the life of Jewish adherents as it informs them and guides their way to live and fulfil the …show more content…
Tikkum Olam is a foundational concept that is closely related to the idea of achieving social justice, and increasing human welfare. Tikkum Olam can be achieved by completing acts of loving and kindness (Gemilut Chasadim). Gemilut Chasadim is done when the adherent shows kindness and mercy to the poor, sick and mournful, and this mentioned in Proverbs 19:1 ‘A person who lives righteously and with integrity will live a happy life”. These notion of Gemilut Chasadim is obtained from the book of Amos; “let justice flow like water and righteousness like a mighty stream”. Amos in this passage is conforming the importance of achieving Tikkum Olam in the life of adherents today through acts of loving and kindness. Other notions that contribute to ‘repairing of the world’ are Bal Tashkent and Tzedakah. Tzedakah means charity, and it is done by almsgiving and helping the poor and needy, and by completing those acts of kindness an adherent can help achieving social justice and fairness. This is also mentioned in Deut 16:20 ;“Justice, and only justice, you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Bal Tashkent also known as ‘do not destroy’ is a notion that informs adherents to take care of the environment and this contributes further o Tikkum

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