Oral Hygiene For Different Age Groups Essay

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When a clinician providing patient with oral health information, he focuses on what is important for each age group. Young people and children will need advice about consumption sweets and fizzy drinks or need to wear orthodontic appliance. Adults may need advice about alcohol consumption, smoking, oral health during pregnancy or wearing a gum shield for contact sports. While elderly will need advice about root surface caries, gum recession or denture care to prevent Candida stomatitis. There are few differences in oral hygiene for different age groups. Children shouldn’t be using mouthwash before they reach the age of six as the mouthwash containing fluoride and too much fluoride in childhood can cause fluorosis. Child usually develops ability to use dental floss around age of 10. Floss used for a child should be soft and flexible so that child don’t hurt their gums. Electric toothbrush is great for any age group and especially for people with arthritis or child who has problems with a manual toothbrush. Disclosing tablets are handy for kids to show them where they are missing with a toothbrush and also keep them interested.
Examples of advice provided:
a) To parent of the child
- Try to cut down on the sweets and fizzy drinks or keep them for meal time only.
- Use fluoride toothpaste twice a day, brush each time for good 2 min and spit after brushing. Don’t rinse as this will also rinse the fluoride out of the mouth.
- Supervise your child during brushing and flossing.

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