Oral Hygiene Aids For Home Care Essay

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Oral Hygiene Aids
AbdulJabar Ali Almani
17 oct, 2016
Alwaleed2016@yahoo.com Oral hygiene is a tool used to clean teeth and mouth from dental plaque (material alba) to get excellent hygiene. Gingivitis, periodontitis, caries and halitosis are the most common problems will be formed if not that occur if oral hygiene instructions are not followed . In addition, visit dental clinics twice a year
There are many types of oral hygiene aids for home care

Dental floss
Dental floss is the most known thread –like material used to clean between teeth (interdental) and below the gum. It is made of nylon filament or polythylone and it may be waxed or un waxed floss. In addition , some flosses contain fluoride and come in different flavors such as mint. It is helpful to remove food particles and plaque from in between the teeth. Moreover, it is helpful to reduces chances of gingivitis, periodontitis and interdental caries. According to a study done in India, revealed that only 15% of the population use floss while most of them only use tooth brush. The study agreed that the reason was because lack of awareness among people , and suggested that dentists should play a role in increasing awareness of the population. In addition, there was an agreement that training of flossing should be started at school level[l].
Interdental cleaners In addition to dental floss we recommend the use of interdental l brushes and toothpicks to clean interdental areas where tooth brushes…

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