Oral History Project : Isaac H. Essay

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Oral History Project: Isaac H.

You must go to the second floor; Do you take the stairs or the elevator? The stairs require more effort while the elevator brings one to their destination with less effort. By the first migrants choosing the stairs, it resulted in the next generation having a choice to take the elevator. The first migrants dealt with many hardships and obstacles when they arrived to the North. The risks those migrants took allowed the future generations to go through their experience with migrating with an easier transition. This foundation, along with Isaac’s experience, was established by the Blacks who took a risk and moved to the North without a guarantee that there was anything for them in the Northern States. This risk was in the minds of almost 6 million African Americans and they all made a choice that resulted in the privileges African Americans are given today. The Great Migration was a movement that changed Isaac H.’s life because his family moved to the North and created a foundation for him. The migrants saw an opportunity for jobs, housing, better living conditions, and overall unity of the black community. These all were things that gave migrants the motivation to leave the south and risk everything they had to find a better life for their families and themselves.
Jobs throughout the North were one reason that many blacks migrated towards the Northern states and left the South. Within the interview, Isaac H explained that jobs were the main…

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