Oral Health Essay

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What is the full meaning of oral health and its importance to general health and well-being? It is stated in the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial research that oral health is integral to general health. According to the Namibian Dental Association, dentistry dates all the way back to the early Egyptian civilization. One major barrier to oral health is the access to insurance. Several American are without dental insurance and feel that they do not need to receive routine dental visits.
Many theories exist and more studies are underway to explore the connection between good oral health and the overall health of a person.
Oral Health is mostly affected in the greatest ethnic and racial disparity among children is
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There are hundreds of tooth paste and tooth brush commercials that are viewed by millions in America every day. But, why is Oral Health listed as one of the focus areas on the Healthy People 2010? One major barrier to Oral Health access is financial. Thousands of Americans are without dental insurance and they feel that they do not need to receive routine dental visits. And over a period of time they feel that there is no need for any dental treatment.
According to Public Health (2011), “there are three major barriers to dental health access: structural, financial and cultural (p.1).” South Carolina has several rural areas that are affected by these three barriers. One town in particular is Bethune, South Carolina. During the year 2000 Census it was discovered that the town consisted of 352 people, 165 households and 104 families. African Americans only account for 9.66% of the population. About 5.3% of families and 7.2% of the population were below the poverty line. Several families do not have sufficient transportation. The town does not have a dental clinic. Therefore, the majority of people believe in home remedies that have been passed down from generation after generation. However, in order to change and break down these three barriers society must educate the people. Currently, several small children from Bethune attend the Kershaw County Head Start program. This program is federally funded. According to the National Head Start

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