Oral Cancer And Its Effects Essay

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Introduction When a person is diagnosed with cancer, their oral health status is likely the last thought on their minds. Worldwide roughly half a million cases of head and neck cancer will be diagnosed per year (Devi & Singh, 2014). Therefore, the likelihood that a patient with oral cancer will come to your dental chair is quite high. Oral cancer is linked to the overconsumption of alcohol, tobacco use and the human papillomavirus to name a few. Devi and Singh (2014) stated that the most common form of treatment for oral cancer is radiation, along with surgery and chemotherapy.
Dental professionals play a crucial role in the management of patients with head and neck cancers (Moore, Burke, Fenion & Banerjee, 2012). A hygienist should be well versed in not only the management of these patients, but also the early detection through screening and understanding the signs and symptoms of oral cancers. The prevention of oral cancer and its associated morbidity and mortality hinges upon the early detection of neoplastic lesions, allowing for histologic evaluation and treatment as necessary (Messadi, Wilder-Smith & Wolinsky, 2009).
Radiation and Chemotherapy Treatment Radiation is often the primary treatment option for patients with oral cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy are used in conjunction with radiation to give patients optimal success rates. According to the National Cancer Institute, radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation beams to shrink and kill cancerous tumors. The…

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