Optimism Is Faith For Achievement Essay

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Keller (1903, p.67) stated that “optimism is faith that leads to achievement. Remaining positive is an aspect that most individuals try to do in their lives. Although some people aren’t as optimistic as others, having a small amount of optimism can be beneficial as well. Even though is not just one definition for optimism, there are some similarities depending on the characteristics of the individual.
Optimism is a mode of thinking that can more than likely be conceptualized on a continuum. (Hecht, 2013) Optimism is primarily a positive attitude about the future and the tendency to anticipate favorable outcomes to real life situations. (Scheir & Carver, 1985) Optimism is also considered to be hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcomes of something. This could be considered thinking positively of any situation. (Seligman, 1998) However, optimism depends on how an individual feels about what is desirable and what is not. (Diehl, 2001) “Optimism can be defined as a mood or even an attitude associated with an expectation about the social or material future. One in which the evaluator regards to his advantage or for his pleasure.” (Seligman, 1998) Theories also characterize optimism as having a goal-oriented mindset, a positive expectation, and a factor that can be motivated and motivating to the self. Therefore, optimism is a belief or disposition that something good will occur. (Diehl, 2001)
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