Optimism In Oliver Twist

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Being a young boy with hardly any sense of where and/or how to belong to society certainly is a problem for Oliver Twist, but not the last of his struggles. In spite of all of the misfortune that is seemingly cursed upon him from his birth, Oliver Twist, an orphan boy, somehow remains positive and keeps his hopes high. One of the reasons as to why his life is so gloomy is because throughout Charles Dicken’s novel Oliver Twist, the young boy experiences a variety of deaths quite frequently; additionally, of the many people he encounters, he is maltreated and neglected due to the poorly enforced laws. One final cause could be is the fact that the entire economic system is very flawed, and that hardly anyone- aside from the wealthy, is well off and Oliver …show more content…
Some arguments used to prove Oliver Twists optimism, were that the young boy is faced with many accounts of death, he also is faced with poor treatment and negligence on the behalf of most of his guardians, as well as the fact that the entire economy at the time was unfair and disadvantageous to all who were in the middle and lower socioeconomic classes, that of which included poor Oliver. Through all of these struggles, Oliver Twist finds contentedness within his life, discovering that his guardian, Rose Maylie is his relative and living with the man who saved him, Mr. Brownlow to start his life over and to learn what it is to be a human being, per se. All of whom wronged the child were given what they deserved; the Bumbles losing their jobs and being reduced to poverty. Oliver Twist starts life hopeless and angst ridden, but through a winding road, he finds himself living a life that any child deserves, which is one of happiness, comfort, and

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