Personal Narrative: Positive Outcome For The Greater Good

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Everyday, people go through events in their lives that shape and mold them to the individuals that they are. In most cases, those events are negative and in others positive. Regarding the situation that you find yourself in, the process can be for the greater good. In my case, my outcome was positive and beneficial. The outcome was for the greater good because in the end I became a more positive person, I eventually became comfortable with who I am, and beneficial because I figured out that I can accomplish anything and everything I desire in life.

When my family and I first moved to Tennessee, I was going to the fourth grade and at that time I was extremely nervous of starting my life over in a new place. Mainly being in a new school with
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At times, when others were down and out I would give them words of encouragement. That optimism opened up so many doors for me, both good and bad. Those doors that were adverse to me only happened to be the people who brought me down and made me feel derived from everything. In other words, it was the part of my family that did not support or help me through my times of despair. With them, I once again feel out of place. Not just out of place, but replaced. Since I was no longer my father 's only child, everyone just stopped talking to me. Before then, I was ecstatic to have a baby brother, but only to find out that I was to be replaced by him. They do not support me, which became obvious through their behaviors over the last nine years. No matter what, I could only see the good in the situation and I continued to contact them. Even to this day, I try but do not succeed. Keeping myself from negativity, allowed me to let others to see who I am. Letting me smile and laugh a little more each day. Giving me the confidence to tackle any obstacle life throws at …show more content…
Everyday was matched with difficulties and struggles. Still today, I have obstacles that I just can not quite get over, but in time I will. Just like any other person, there were parts of my life that were unexplainable to why they happened. But I look at those misfortunes as a lesson and grow from them. It is safe to say that I was not only out of place when it came to school but also when it came to who I was. Through those hardships, came positivity, confidence, friendships, love, and most of all self awareness. Life in general has its ups and downs, but in the end you are strong and wise enough to come out on top. Everything I have went through has resulted in myself becoming a fun-loving, down to earth, assured young adult with a good heart and a even better

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