Essay on Optical Fibres : Optical Fibers

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Optical Fibres
By Jaydan

Fibre optics are wires made of pure strands of glass or plastic spliced together (weaved together). These wires are as thin as strands of hair so their can be millions of them in a fibre optic cable. The wires are in bundles called optical cables and are used to transmit digital information over long distances. Fibre optics can be used for telecommunication, networking, decorations, endoscopy and much more because they are flexible, carry much more information than copper wires, can be used quickly by computers, the digital hardware is much smaller and it is easier to send information over long distances. Fibre Optic wires work by transmitting light signals through the core of the wire using total internal reflection and then the light signals get picked up by optical receivers.

Fibre optic cables can come in two types, single mode which has a small core and transmits infrared laser light or multimode which has a larger core and transmits infrared light. Because single mode fibres have such a small core there is only room for one ray of light to travel through. “This reduces signal attenuation and supports extremely long distance installations” meaning that single mode fibre optics are good at covering long distances. Multimode fibres have a much bigger core than single mode fibres which means more than one ray of light can travel down the wire without losing energy. Multimode fibres are cheaper than single mode fibres because they are easier to…

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