Oprah Winfrey : A Woman Who Could Essay

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Oprah Winfrey: A Woman Who Could
“Failure is a great teacher. If you’re open to it every mistake has a lesson to offer,” (Winfrey). Oprah Winfrey, a common household name has swept the nation whether it’s was with her network, magazine, book club, or her TV show. Oprah Winfrey’s road to fame was a hard road to travel because there was many obstacles in her way. But as Oprah Winfrey discovered her true passion in life, there was not anyone stopping her from achieving it. Oprah Winfrey’s long road to stardom started out rough, then as she grew many opportunities soon came to her way, and she finally became the leading woman that she is today.
Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954, to parents Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey. Winfrey’s parents’ marriage was a failure and she moved to Kosciusko Mississippi with her grandmother. Her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, lived on a farm in poverty and Oprah Winfrey often had to wear potato sacks as a dress. Oprah Winfrey’s grandmother was not going to let Oprah grow up without an education, and by the age of three Oprah Winfrey had learned to read. Winfrey showcased her oratory skills often, giving her the nickname “The Preacher” (Kashyap and Srikanth 61). This started her love affair with speaking and showcasing her talent. Soon afterwards, Hattie Lee fell ill and Oprah Winfrey was unable to take care of her grandmother anymore. Oprah Winfrey moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her mother Vernita. Vernita worked long hours as a…

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