Oppression Through Neglect And Ignorance Essay

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Oppression through Neglect and Ignorance Female oppression has been around since the dawn of time going all the way back to the hunter gatherer levels of our existence. While evolving into something more in today’s society of wages being lower and women shown less respect due to their gender. But in the times of the “The Yellow Wallpaper” female oppression is shown through an oppressed women’s perspective. And through this we are shown the levels are oppression in a timely fashion through the beginning, middle, and end. While showing examples of responsibility, isolation, female oppression, and sanity. When introduced to our nameless women we are shown that she is going through a tough time in her life. Feeling depressed one can say it causes her to show uncomfortable emotions to her husband causing him to tell her to use a journal to document all of her ideas or how she feels. But when approached by these ideas and emotions her husband deflects what she says and takes away her journal. By doing this is causes her to lose a way to nonverbally display her thoughts and emotions. Which is the first example of female oppression by her husband taking away her one outlet she still had. Interpersonal communication or Inner communication is the communication of a person’s inner thoughts. Our character had that outlet to shows these thoughts till her husband took them away. As Cline says “It has been argued that to truly be interpersonal communication, and not merely personal…

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