Oppression Of African American Population Essay

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“Oppression is the experience of repeated, widespread, systemic injustice”(Deutsch np). Oppression exists in two main forms: institutionalized practice and the formation of stereotypes. Institutionalized oppression is based on laws and traditions that discriminated certain groups, preventing success and personal advancement. Stereotype oppression is based on personal attitudes and opinions of groups, which develop from falsely acquired information (Nixon np). Oppressed populations are prevalent around the world and although narrow minded perspectives are slowly broadening, minority groups continue to face challenges similar to their ancestors. One of the most recognized oppressed groups is the African American population. The original mistreatment of the African American population shaped their culture and societal status, and the negative effects continue to impact the population’s success in the American society.
Various oppressed populations are prevalent throughout society, but the African American population is commonly recognized. Oppression of the African American population dates back to 1607 when the first colonists landed in America and the idea of slavery blossomed (Randle np). Although slavery was abolished over 200 years later and freedom was granted, African Americans still lacked the rights of American citizens (Randle np). The forward movement of Civil Rights for African Americans depended on the actions of many influential people, especially one man named…

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