Oppression Is Defined As The Exploitation Of Power Over A Group

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To this day, oppression remains a strategic way in manipulating others. Oppression is defined as the exploitation of power over a group or an individual to accomplish domination (Bishop, 2002). There are many factors that can be used to achieve complete control. These factors include but are not limited to: separation, the establishment of a hierarchy, and the incorporation of competition into the society (Bishop, 2002). Additionally, different forms of oppression are evident in society. Marginalization is the act of pushing specific groups of people to the outer edges of society, thus reducing their access to resources politically, socially, and economically (“Marginalization”). In turn, the group may experience hardships such as discrimination, poverty, or low-wages (“Marginalization”). One race that has been a major target of oppression—namely, slavery—for many years now, and continues to be exploited on lower levels, is African Americans. Additionally, women nationwide continue to be oppressed both politically and in the workforce.
African Americans have undergone copious amounts of oppression as well as discrimination throughout their lifetime, slavery being their primary obstacle. In 1826, North Carolina passed a law that forbade free African Americans to enter the state (“Slavery and the African American”). Additionally, in 1830, North Carolina state law banned anyone from teaching a slave to read or write, further oppressing the African Americans (“Slavery and the…

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